What your donations have accomplished


Wade's Army,

We want to sincerely thank you for all of your hard work from 2012 until now. Childhood Cancer Awareness Month is off to a great start! Just this week, Wade's Army has crossed the $300,000 fundraising mark and we could not have done this without you!

A lot goes on behind the scenes as Heather DeBruin and the crew work hard to ensure that your donations are not wasted or lost between a third party and our mission. Donations are steered in two directions: funding research and directly financially supporting families.

Wade’s Army has sent direct contributions to eight families fighting Neuroblastoma including Wesley, Ethan, Addy, Jax and Dantee. Your Fundraising efforts from 2015 allowed us help secure a vehicle for Marley and her family while being treated at St. Jude in Memphis. Marley is receiving a treatment similar to the first trial Wade’s Army ever supported.


Unfortunately despite our efforts, we are constantly reminded of the devils of this disease. Two of our young Hero’s Imogen and Jack passed away this summer. This has been a powerful motivator for us to continue to raise funding for another pediatric clinical trial.

Cancer research is not flashy or fun to talk about. This presents a difficulty for us to show all of you some immediate satisfaction, especially when our funded trials take 2 years until they begin.

To summarize the yearly projects that Wade's Army has funded please check out the facts below:

Project 1:

Phase 1 trial of hu14.18-IL2 and Donor Natural Killer (NK) cells in children with relapsed/refractory neuroblastoma

  • Exciting advances have been made in combination immunotherapy approaches and have shown potential for safe and effective treatment of neuroblastoma.
  • Natural killer (NK) cells are potent anti-cancer attacking immune cells that we all have in our own bodies
  • This study combines NK cells harvested from the child’s parent with the humanized antibody hu14.18-IL2 in a long term continuous infusion which is less toxic and more effective. The addition of this antibody stimulates the NK cells to be more effective against disease.
  • This research project that you all helped us to fund is the first study ever to combine these two immunotherapies in one trial to treat neuroblastoma!
  • This incredibly innovative approach to combating neuroblastoma wasn’t an option for Wade because it simply wasn’t available yet – but thanks to the donations you have made in his memory, children just like Wade will have the chance to receive this therapy as early as February 2015.


Project 2:

2014 donations funded a NEPENTHE trial which just opened in July 2016. This trial you can actually follow the listing and watch its progress throughout the next 20 years. 83 children will be receiving treatment that would not have otherwise been given this opportunity without the support of Wade’s Army. Learn more HERE.

Project 3:

Wade’s Army supported the efforts of former NFL player Devon Still and his efforts expand Neuroblastoma research at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center where Wade was treated.  Treatment at CCHMC focuses on new approaches to targeting and killing neuroblastoma cells through advanced therapies.

Neuroblastoma-childhood-cancer-awareness-wade's Army

Project 4:

Currently in the works for 2016, we have officially committed $25,000 more to hu14.18-IL2 + NK cell trial, an expansion of our second trial listed above. This is a high profile trial that should result in the approval of the 4th drug for pediatric cancer in 30 years. ALK inhibitor PF3922 is proving to be very effective and low toxicity.

We are just getting started at Wade’s Army, and we need your continued support. More and more children are being diagnosed with this horrific disease each day, and we need a cure. Join the fight against neuroblastoma and help us find a cure and ease the emotional and financial burden of families currently in the fight.

Wear the uniform and #jointhefight!

Wade's Army Wade DeBruin Neuroblastoma

Your 2016 Wade's Army donation does three things:

  1. $35 gets you an awesome long sleeve hoodie t-shirt or kid's t-shirt. Wearing it raises awareness for Wade's Army and helps give Neuroblastoma a name.
  2. You directly help a families succeed in treatment.
  3. You fund progressive and cutting edge research.

It's amazing what together we can do as WADE'S ARMY. #WadesArmy

Donate here!

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  1. Diane Richmond. "Naunie"

    We are so proud of our granddaughter Lexi FREUDENBERG who has been part of the Army for Wade. She was DeBruins babysitter and loved him and his siblings so much. She still enjoys her visits each year with the family

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