Use Your Power For Good: Dan Fischer

Wade's Army! We need to share a very inspirational story from one of our champions in West Virginia, Dan Fischer. A champion for Wade's for some time, Dan continues to go over and beyond in the fight against neuroblastoma. He introduced us to one of our heros, Jack, and has not stopped there in making an impact in this world.

Thank you for using your Power for good, Dan!


image2“No. I won’t rest. These kids never get a break from this disease. It’s the least I can do.” - Dan Fischer

These words were heard by many fellow CrossFitters on the evening of Thursday, October 8th at Ronin Fitness (home of RoF CrossFit) in Clarksburg, WV. Ronin Fitness is an annual participator in Wade’s Army. Remembering a brave hero, Wade DeBruin, and his fight to the little known, yet most common pediatric cancer, Neuroblastoma. This is a cancer that forms in the Sympathetic Nervous System and is extremely difficult to treat. Neuroblastoma affects nearly twice as many babies as leukemia per year, yet there is little being done regarding a cure. The money raised through Wade’s Army is used to benefit research of this disease and provide support to families that are affected by the costs of treatment for their loved ones.

You may ask why Ronin Fitness is fighting so diligently for this cause. The answer is quite simple. Many of their members have been affected by this terrible disease, in that their favorite superhero, five year old Jack Rollins, has been battling Neuroblastoma since early 2014. Unfortunately, his family learned of a relapse in January 2015. The hearts of the Ronin community broke for little Jack and his family and they were determined to do anything possible to help improve the fight against Neuroblastoma. They have teamed up with Wade’s Army and are determined to make a difference, all while fighting for Jack and other children like him.


One particular member and trainer, Daniel Fischer, has devoted himself both financially and physically to this endeavor. On the morning of October 8, Dan published a challenge to everyone involved with his social media account. He stated the following: “Want to donate to a good cause? Want a cool shirt for your efforts? Here’s your chance...I’ll perform one 95 pound thruster for every dollar donated to the RoF CrossFit Wade’s Army team page today until 7:30 pm!”

As donations began rolling in, Dan began his mental preparation for the arduous, physical task that awaited him that evening. Dan arrived at Ronin Fitness shortly after 5:00 pm and began to warm up. By 5:30 pm he already owed several hundred thrusters and chose to begin, as it would take hours to complete. Several Ronin members posted pictures and videos of Dan in action, keeping social media aware of his progress which can be seen on his Facebook Page. Many would tell him to rest and take a break. Dan’s response was always the same: “No. I won’t rest. These kids never get a break from this disease. It’s the least I can do.”

image1 (4)

By 8:40 pm, just over three hours later, Dan had accomplished his mission. In those few short hours Dan had raise $636 for Wade’s Army, and thus had performed 636 thrusters. As he lay on the ground attempting to recover he was overheard saying “every rep was worth it.” It is people like Dan Fischer who embody what a true CrossFit community is all about. His selfless act is an inspiration.

Wade’s Day will be held on November 12, 2015. On this day, CrossFit gyms around the country will complete a workout in honor of Wade DeBruin and will finalize their charitable donations. There is still time for you to make a difference. Please consider donating today to this worthy cause. If you wish to donate under the Ronin Fitness Team, all donations can be made at on Dan's fundraising page.

Remember: “Sometimes real superheroes live in the hearts of small children fighting big battles.”

Written by Elizabeth Hensley

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