Jack: The True Definition of a Hero

Today marks the final day in the 30 Days For Wade campaign, and we have a very special story to share. This week's #JoinTheFightFriday features an extremely brave and selfless young boy named Jack. Read how he takes on neuroblastoma and helps ease the burden on other children in the hospital as a true Superhero!

Jack's family lives in Wesrt Virginia, and his treatment has forced them to travel far from home in seek of the best treatment for Jack. Wade's Army is commiting to helping this family during their time of need. Please show your support and help provide assistance by purchasing your KaPoW uniform found in the Wade's Army shop. All shirt sales go directly to helping both Jack and Wesley's previously featured fight.

Thank you!



In December 2013, two year old Jack had been acting fatigued, no appetite, just not acting like himself. During an examination at the pediatrician's office, an enlarged spleen seemed to be the reason for his symptoms, so testing was done for mononucleosis. We were told the test came back negative, and X-rays were ordered immediately. A large mass was detected laying on Jacks left kidney. He was taken to West Virginia University Children's Hospital, and two days after Christmas Jack was diagnosed with Stage 4, High Risk, Neuroblastoma Cancer.

Since that time, Jack has undergone 16 months of chemotherapy, radiation, 3 broviac placements, 14 hour surgery at Pittsburgh Children's Hospital to remove tumor, a months stay in hospital for Bone Marrow Transplant, transfusions, scans, and immunotherapy treatments.


Christmas 2014, Jack began limping, an X-Ray revealed Jack had relapsed in the bone of his left tibia, and the tumor had fractured his leg. Jack once again began chemo and radiation, while also wearing full leg cast. In March, during scans, a tumor was found in his brain. He was immediately taken to Sloan-Kettering in New York, where he had brain surgery to remove the tumor, and a port placed in his head. Jack is currently in New Jersey, once again receiving chemo and proton radiation therapy. He will begin monthly treatments in New York when chemotherapy is completed to have treatments through his port in his brain.


Jack has spent half of his life fighting this disease. He does not remember a time of not having tests and hospital stays. Some of his best friends are nurses, doctors, or other children who receive treatments in the clinic. With the exception of Batman and Spider-Man. Jack loves his superheroes and they are his constant companions. You will not see him without one of the little figurines tucked tightly in his hand.


Jack is known for his superhero costumes he wears to his treatments. When he puts on his superhero attire for the day, whichever it may be, he becomes that hero. He no longer is the little boy fighting cancer, but now has super powers to be able to help other children. Jack (Batman) will walk the hall of the hospital to wave or visit the other children until he gets smiles. He tells them, "tough things make you stronger" in his best Batman voice. He often holds the hands, or comforts other children in clinic who are also having treatments. Jack is an amazing little boy, who at 4 years old has taught us all what true strength is.

He is the true definition of a hero.

Follow the Facebook page: Prayers for Jack Rollins and learn more about little Jack's journey.

- Rollins Family


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  1. As I read this, my heart is utterly breaking for Jack, for his mom and dad, and his grandparents……but then I scroll down and look at these pictures of Jack and the little inspiration that he is to others………what a little warrior……he is comforting another child…..God is using him in a marvelous way…My prayers are with Jack and his family daily and all the other little children that I have on my list…..but Jack has touched my heart so much for his strength and his superman characters that he wears……he has me even eying them when I go into a store now, wonder if Jack has this one…..God Bless You all is my prayer!

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  3. As I read this, my heart is aching for this family! Hang in there Little Jack Gods got you!!????

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